1. Equipped with XL barrel shuttle hook, this model in the HighTex range is one of the most heavy-duty industrial sewing machines in production today;

2. The extra large bobbin capacity offers high efficiency in sewing production when using extra thick thread up to 1500dx3 and 2000dX3 (=Metric size #4=V693=T-700);

3. The presser foot has an ultra-high lift of up to 32mm, allowing for stitching 9 ply heavy duty webbing slings (29mm) and a large range of extra heavy weight material or bulky items to be used;

4. The walking foot action is driven and combines with the powerful bottom feed to produce a positive feeding motion for extra heavy use;

5. Use the strongest sewing needle (the needle diameter is up to 3mm) which is great for sewing the heaviest materials;

6. Using an extra powerful & silent servo motor creates a more pleasant work environment and saves 60-80% electricity consumption;

7. Standard supplied with needle positioner that automatically stops the needle in the Down and Up position, good for improving efficiency;

8. Standard supplied with pneumatic presser foot lift and pneumatic reverse stitch, your productivity may increase substantially;

9. The needle cooler blows air to the needle, thereby preventing thread breakage caused by a hot needle;

10. All 733CS sewing machines will be completely assembled, tested, and serviced, ready to operate out of the box.


heavy duty lifting slings, safety harness, industrial boots, spiral sewn buffing wheels, sails, parachute harness, truck covers, tarps, tents, awnings, Japanese Tatami, spanzet, safety belts, industrial safety products, saddles, industrial webbing, military products, sterling rope, cord and book binding etc.


Max. Sewing Speed: 700 rpm

Hook Type: Koban KSP7-31 or Hirose HSH-7-3

Presser Foot Lift: 32mm (standard), 36mm (Model 733BV)

Needle bar stroke: 56.7 mm

Needle System: Schmetz 1000H (#300/#29)

Max. Thread size: Metric size #4, V693, T-700, 2000d X3

Stitch Length: 0-15mm (standard), 0-20mm (Model 733EX)

Amount of alternating foot: standard 6 mm

Thread take up lever: Cam type

Recommend motor: Kinedyne HM-750T powerful servo motor

Working space: 420mm (length) x 255mm( High)

Bed size: 270mm (width) x 660mm (length)

Packing size: 1500X770X1450MM, 240KGS (Completely assembled)

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