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Best service provider for heavy duty industrial sewing equipment and cutting machine

There is a continual lack of professionally TRAINED industrial sewing machine technicians throughout the world.

No matter if you are a cut and sew manufacturer or professional industrial sewing machine dealer, you have to face a difficult situation: its incredibly difficult to find skilled workers and sewing machine technicians.

Hightex and Cowboy sewing machines have been engaged in the continual effort to reduce and eliminate this problem!!!

Hightex is one of the leading manufacturers and innovators in the field of heavy duty industrial sewing and cutting machinery, as well as computerized automatic programmable machines, having sold over 5000 sets of such machines to the world market over the last 20 years.

Because machines of this type are so highly specialized, you will find in your research that there are virtually no companies offering programmables that have service centers established in all of the countries to which they sell.

Even big names like Mitsubishi and Durkopp Adler do not have factory service centers in all parts of the world for programmable machines.

However, we have in place a very well established customer service program that will insure your machine can be serviced with minimal downtime. Please note the following points below:

1. With each machine we sell, our field engineers configure this equipment properly for customer sewing requirements. This includes building all the necessary clamping, jigging and fixturing to accomplish the sewing task, testing and checking all pneumatic, electrical, and computer systems for proper operation, programming the machine with all patterns supplied by the customers, and then testing the machine on samples that match exact customer specifications. We then test sew the machine over and over again to insure the machine will work flawlessly in production situations. This insures that you get a properly tested, adjusted, and ready to run solution out of the crate.

2. We have comprehensive manuals for the machines as well as manuals for the software. However, with any big piece of equipment, there will be questions. It is impossible to write a manual or make videos to cover every possible scenario you may encounter, but the manuals and videos we offer cover a broad range of scenarios.

3. We have a full compliment of technicians, engineers, and programmers that understand all aspects of the electronic, computer, and mechanical aspects of our programmables. These techs have over 30 years combined experience in servicing these machines. There are not many problems that we cannot solve either over the phone in person to person conversation, or by email or teleconference. In addition, you can send photos or videos to us to direct with problems on the machine, and we can post videos on how to perform different functions and service the machines online for your particular questions.

4. With each machine we sell, we offer a very comprehensive spare parts package that includes all of the commonly replaced parts for these machines. This package will be a comprehensive spare parts package that will insure the machine will be able to run for a relatively long time without the need to buy spare parts.

Hightex Sewing Machines has been a big influence in the world of heavy duty sewing machine automation and we plan to continue that effort for many years to come!