1. This heavy duty automatic pattern sewing machine / bar tacking sewing machine equipped with large Barrel shuttle hook that has been specially designed for sewing very heavy materials and thick thread;

2. The special large bobbin capacity reduces the number of bobbin changes and offer high efficiency in sewing products using extra thick thread up to metric size 7* (=V415, T-400, 1300dx3);

3. Wear resistance is improved, the shuttle hook lubricating system and filtering system extending the service life and enabling long-term use;

4. The sophisticated clamp tightly hold the rope in all direction that avoid jumping or moving during the sewing. HighTex is the only maker of machine that offers this type clamp;

5. The optional clamp is available for stitching up to 18mm thick synthetic harness webbing, for the production of height safety harness, fall protection equipment and lanyard products;

6. Built-in bobbin winder within operator's view. Automatic shut-off when the bobbin is full;

7. The needle cooler blows air to the needle, thereby preventing thread breakage caused by hot needle;

8. Free programmable (free software), updating and storage easier, it allows you to custom made safety harnesses, lanyards, climbing ropes and fall protection equipment;

9. Excellent stitch pattern and constantly tight stitch formation due to its advanced pneumatic system, strong needle penetration force and custom made fixture;

10. All machines will be completely assembled, pre-programmed, tested and serviced, ready to operate out of box, very easy to use and maintain;

11. This heavy duty automatic programmable sewing machine comes with affordable price and extremely low maintenance costs;

12. Each machine supplies with comprehensive spare parts package that allow you to service, maintain and repair the machine for long time without the need to buy spare parts;

13. We have in-house technicians who have over 20 years of combined experience in servicing and repairing these special sewing equipment, there is no problem that we cannot solve by email or video conference, that will insure your machine can be serviced with minimal downtime.


For Bar-tacking (zigzag) ropes and cordage for Arborist climbing ropes, Climbing & Caving Ropes, Marine Ropes and Safety Rope.
For pattern tacking height safety harness, fall protection equipment, lifting slings, seat belts, military equipment, backpacks, full body safety harness with shock absorber, safety lanyards, safety belts, life vest, rigging products, saddles and parachute harness.


Max. Sewing Speed: 600 rpm for sewing webbing, 300 rpm for sewing rope

Hook Type: Adler 204 Large Barrell Shuttle Hook

Sewing Area: 130 x60mm

Needle System:  Schmetz 794 (DYx3) #26

Max. Thread size: Metric #7, V415, T-400, 1300dx3

Max. Sewing thickness: 18mm thick slings and ropes

Stitch Length: 0.1~12.7mm

Presser Foot Lift: 25mm

NeedleBar Stroke: 56.6mm

Needle cooler: Cold air

Drive Motor: Limi-Servo (750 Watts)

Air pressure: 0.6 MPa

Power: 200-240 Volt 1 or 3 Phase

Package (plywood case): 1040x1350x1370mm, G.W: 230 KGS

Tariff code (HS code): 8452219000

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