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HighTex recognizes the importance of personal Data. Therefore, HighTex exerts its best efforts to pay attention to protection of privacy on HighTex Site and buckle down to the following,

  1. A responsible manager has been appointed of HighTex where Personal Data are maintained.
  2. HighTex collects Personal Data only to the extent necessary for its business, and only after informing you regarding the purpose of such collection, how to contact HighTex regarding Personal Data, and HighTex's intended use of such data. In case HighTex collects Personal Data in such a manner, you agree that HighTex can use Personal Data according to such purpose of collection and such intended use of data.
  3. HighTex appropriately maintains Personal Data, and never submits or discloses such data to any third party except to HighTex's subsidiaries or partners, without the prior consent of you.
  4. When submitting Personal Data to HighTex's subsidiaries or partners and third parties with prior consent of you, HighTex requires the third party to maintain the Personal Data appropriately and to not disclose this data without your prior consent.
  5. HighTex may send out profitable information for you related to services or products to you by using e-mail. If you prefer not to receive such information, please contact HighTex via the contact information, and HighTex will stop sending out such information.
  6. HighTex complies with applicable laws and regulations relating to Personal Data. To ensure such compliance, HighTex may periodically revise its policies regarding the handling of Personal Data.
  7. HighTex keeps track of the IP address from which people visit and also measure visitor activity in HighTex Site. HighTex may use this data to analyze and statistics and to help us provide better customer service.
  8. To better serve you, HighTex may collect the information regarding your session and activity by using techniques such as Cookie and WebBeacon. HighTex does not use such information to identify a particular user by combining it with other information.

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