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HighTex Professional Services

Personalized customer support services have become an strategic business policy of HIGHTEX. You can depend on our machinery and equipment expert for great service before, during and after the sale. From helping you choose exactly the right machine for your needs to providing technical support and helpful tips after the sale, we are dedicated to our complete satisfaction. And we realize how critical it is to keep your production running. Let's face it, equipment breaks and machines malfunction. The key objective in a manufacturing environment is to minimize unplanned downtime. Each sewing equipment with optional spare package which provides the necessary parts for the first 6-7 years of operation. HIghTex Professional Services (HPS) offers significant benefits for individual full-time working sewing professionals. Members can look to the HPS program for almost any need that presents itself. HPS offers a range of benefits available only to professionals who work with HighTex. These benefits can include professional phone and e-mail support, expedited and discounted service and repairs, products evaluation, products cleaning services, onsite support at select events and shows. HPS offers a streamlined access point for unrivaled service and support that is critical for the working professional. Whether by telephone, in person, or via e-mail, DPS simply makes it faster for working professionals to get the support they need. Find out more by visiting the FAQs pages.

The HPS Services Team assists you in the customization and optimization of your products. We offer broad professional knowledge and deep product expertise, reinforced by strong collaboration with masters and support teams at HighTex. Our primary objective is to maximize your time to value for your HighTex products.

Should you have further questions about HPS, please contact: info@sewingglobal.com.