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HighTex Careers

We are looking for honest, straightforward and candid people who are innovative, self-confident, have demonstrated leadership abilities and who are able to contribute their talents and skills. With HighTex, we are proud that we develop talent almost exclusively from within. Our hiring process is very challenging and rigorous. We learn about you, but you learn about us too.

During the interview, you’ll experience standardized assessments and an interviewing framework designed to identify your unique strengths and provide a comprehensive overview of your skills, experiences and abilities.


Our distinctive culture and values play a huge role in our success. They are at the heart of who we are and what we expect. People working at HighTex help us building a leading position in the market and a stronger global brand HighTex people strive for excellence in customer service by continuously and consistently delight and inspire customers. We strive to make HighTex a great place to work by fostering an engaging, positive, creative and safe environment that rewards success and encourages employees to add values by continuous learning and take control of their personal development. Attracting talented individuals that are capable of growing with us; aligning people's needs and expectation by engaging them to achieve personal and organization success are one of our talent management strategies.

HighTex is a dynamic organization in continual pursuit of excellence. In return, HighTex offers a highly competitive compensation system based upon achievements. Our primary function is the marketing of imaging products. As an equal opportunity employer, HighTex appreciates the many benefits of having a diverse, qualified workforce.

At HighTex, it’s about integrity and character. It’s about building trust by being open, honest, straightforward and candid with each other, our customers, consumers and business partners. We do what we say, and we say what we mean. This is what sets HighTex and HighTex people apart. Combined, these characteristics are our Success Drivers, the competencies that define how our people succeed in today’s business environment. So when you receive that HighTex offer, feel confident that you will be successful here. A better place and better life are here.