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7204-370-SP Heavy duty single needle triple feed post-bed sewing machine for thick thread decorative seam on leather (topstitching)

It is the most-advanced upholstery sewing machine which is best-suited to the sewing of heavy weight materials sewing processes.

7204-370-SP sewing machine

Model: 7204-370-SP
最大转速: 600rpm
压脚高度: 20mm
针距 : 14mm

724368 Extra heavy duty post bed triple feed double needle upholstery sewing machine

It is custom made sewing machine for thick thread decorative seam (topstitching) in upholstery industry.

724368 sewing machine

Model: 724368
最大转速: 600rpm
压脚高度: 23mm
针距 : 13mm

723698(R/L) Heavy duty, post bed, compound feed and walking foot lockstitch upholstery sewing machine

This machine is an ideal replacement of Durkopp Adler 868-290321 and Durkopp Adler H868-290361.

723698 sewing machine

Model: 723698
最大转速: 1200rpm
压脚高度: 23mm
针距 : 10mm

768-373 Triple feed post bed upholstery sewing machine for single needle topstitching

Optional pneumatic seam centre guide available combined with compensating topstitching presser foot.

768-373 sewing machine

Model: 768-373
最大转速: 2000rpm
压脚高度: 16mm
针距 : 7mm