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9266 Extra heavy duty straight stitch and zig-zag industrial sewing machine

One needle zigzag and straight stitch in the production of sails, parachutes, carpets, leather goods and technical textile.

9266 sewing machine

Model: 9266
最大转速: 800rpm
压脚高度: 20mm
针距 : 10mm

9204ZZ Heavy duty walking foot Zig-Zag sewing machine for carpets and netting

Joining two pieces of carpets, mats and rugs together by zigzag stitch or overedging thick carpets

7204zz sewing machine

Model: 9204ZZ
最大转速: 800rpm
压脚高度: 15mm
针距 : 10mm

9518 High speed, cam controlled, fancy stitch zigzag machine

It employs a parallel vertical needle bar motion for stronger striking power.

9518 sewing machine

Model: 9518
最大转速: 1800rpm
压脚高度: 12mm
针距 : 5mm