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About HighTex


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    Zhejiang Mingyuan Hightex Special Sewing Machine Co., Ltd is a Sino-American joint-venture company founded in 1996. We are the leading manufacturer of industrial sewing machines, cutting machines, welding machines for heavy weight materials and thick thread, as well as automatic industrial sewing machine for heavy duty applications , under the brand names of CowBoy or HIGHTEX. With 20 years of focus on sewing technology for Heavy Materials and Thick Thread. We are experienced and knowledgeable to meet any demand for safety industry, medical and military sewing services. Flexibility, reliability and competence ensure that our customer requirements are turned into high efficiency sewing equipment.


    For over 15 years, HighTex has been serving customers with tailor-sewing solutions. The field experience gives our sale engineers a rare ability in helping you choose the most appropriate industrial sewing machine, and plan the best sewing solution for your production in a cost-efficient manner.

    Research & Development

    TaiZhou, China is the core of HighTex's Research and Development Centre.

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    Any questions about HighTex, please contact our office team. We appreciate your attention, thank you.