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7273CNC Electronic lockstitch programmable pattern sewing machine

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7273CNC Electronic lockstitch programmable pattern sewing machine with large Barrel shuttle hook for stitching textile slings and other extra heavy weight materials

Features: Long sewing cycles by barrel shuttle with large bobbin capacity, even sewing with extremely thick thread; The specialized sewing automation improves quality, lowers production time and reduces operator involvement. In many cases it is possible to run two or three automated sewing units with only one person, great for saving labor cost; Can easily sew 2-4 ply synthetic webbing slings (3.5mm of each) together; Hardware including Ratchet, shackles, thimbles, choker triangles and others can be sewn into the slings for varying applications; Excellent stitch pattern and constantly tight stitches; Low in maintenance due to its automatic lubrication systems.

Applications: Nylon or Polyester lifting slings, cargo lashing straps (Ratchet Tie Down), aircraft arresting gear tapes, seat belts, safety harness, military equipment, backpacks, crane slings, lanyards, spanzet, webbing cargo nets, safety belts, upholstered furniture, leather goods, sofas, life vest, fall protection equipment, industrial safety products, rigging products, saddles, tents and canopies, sails and parachutes.

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Max. Speed

Presser lift

Stitch length

Hook type


Sewing area





Large barrel shuttle

DY x 3 #180-250


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