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72008 Extra heavy duty programmable electronic pattern sewing machine

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72008 Extra heavy duty programmable electronic pattern sewing machine with Barrel shuttle hook for extremely thick materials and sewing threads

Features: With 300x200mm of sewing area; Extra large Barrel shuttle hook and bobbin capacity offer high efficiency; Can sew 2-5 ply synthetic webbing slings (3.5mm of each) together or stitch 2 ropes with each of 18mm without any difficulty; This heavy duty automatic pattern tacking machine is capable of sewing various materials such as Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, Webbing, Kevlar, Vinyl, Leather and Canvas; Hardware including Ratchet, shackles, thimbles, choker triangles and others can be sewn into the slings for varying applications; Computer-controlled, high automation to maximize savings in labor; Programmable (free software), updating and storage easier; With real needle cooling system which can guard sewing thread with cold air (sub zero temperature).

Application: synthetic lifting slings, cargo lashing straps (Ratchet Tie Down), safety harness, military equipment, shoes soles, backpacks, seat belts, fall protection and fall arrest systems, crane slings, lanyards, spanzet, nets, fall protection and fall arrest systems, parachute harness, safety belts, upholstered furniture, luggage and suitcases, leather goods, sofas, life vest, fall protection equipment, rigging products, industrial safety products, saddles, tents and canopies, sails and parachutes. Bartacking ropes and cordage for Arborist climbing ropes, Climbing & Caving Ropes, Boating & Marine Ropes and Rescue Ropes.

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Max. Speed

Presser lift

Stitch length

Hook type


Sewing area


800 rpm



Large barrel shuttle

DY x 3 #180-250


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