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7204-370-SP Heavy duty single needle triple feed post-bed sewing machine

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7204-370-SP Heavy duty single needle triple feed post-bed sewing machine for thick thread decorative seam on leather (topstitching)

Features: It is the most-advanced upholstery sewing machine which is best-suited to the sewing of heavy weight materials sewing processes such as car seats, sofas and arm chair, leather bags and sports goods; The post bed facilitate the handling of difficultly accessible seam areas, especially decorative stitching corners of furniture covers and car seats; The post bed also reduces operator involvement (sewn piece fall down from the high bed, not pile up together, no need to push manually), thus improve productivity 10%; This post bed sewing machine comes with large Barrel shuttle has been specially designed for processing the extreme thick sewing thread and heavy weight materials; The custom made topstitching presser foot and high needle penetration power guarantee easy sewing thick spots or overlapping cross seams; Powerful and effective triple feed system; The high top feed stroke facilitates sewing over thick spots and cross seams; Up to 14 mm long stitches for decorative seams; Excellent stitch pattern, constantly tight stitch formation, even with large stitch lengths and extreme strong sewing thread; New technology of this machine are optimal conditions for making furniture and automobile upholstery, luxury leather goods and other technical textile articles.

Applications: for assemble and decorative topstitching luxurious leather sofas, armchair, couch lounge, chair, car seat covers, upholstered furniture, shoes, saddles, leather crafts, automotive upholstery, marine upholstery, aerospace upholstery, luggage, suitcase, leather bags and other high-end leather goods.

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Max. Speed

Presser lift

Stitch length

Post height

Needle system

Working area


600 rpm




DYx 3 #24-26


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