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9518 High speed, cam controlled, fancy stitch zigzag machine

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9518 High speed, cam controlled, fancy stitch zigzag machine

Features: It employs a parallel vertical needle bar motion for stronger striking power and can easily sew sturdy webbing reinforcement and heavy duty corner patches; Its modern design features: a zigzag width of up-to 10 mm and a stitch length of up-to 5 mm; This zigzag sewing machine is capable of powering its needle through 7 mm of Dacron, Kevlar, Webbing, Canvas and leather; The hook containing the lower bobbin is twice the normal size, resulting in fewer bobbin changes and in combination with the vertical take up lever system, it is of particular use when using thicker than normal sewing threads; 9518 (similar to Adler 525) is recognized as the best spinnakers sewing machine in modern sail making industry, standard supplied with 4 cams for straight stitch, 1-step (2-points), 2-step (3-points), 3-step (4-points) zigzag.

Applications: spinnakers, windsurf sail, parasail, Code Zero, awnings, filters, parachutes, shoes, footwear, medical apparatus, canvas, tarpaulins, braided rugs, wet suits, textile slings, handbags, sports apparatus, blinds, nets, bandages, straps, Velcro, Neoprene, body supports etc.

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Max. Speed

Presser lift

Stitch length

Zigzag width


Working area


1800 rpm




DP X 35 #100-140


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