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9266 Extra heavy duty straight stitch and zig-zag industrial sewing machine

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9266 Extra heavy duty straight stitch and zig-zag industrial sewing machine

Features: One needle zigzag and straight stitch in the production of sails, parachutes, carpets, leather goods and technical textile; Extremely strong needle penetration force, can easily sew sturdy webbing reinforcement and extra thick corner patches; One of the heaviest industrial zigzag sewing machine in today market, is capable of powering its needle through 20mm of Dacron, Kevlar, Webbing, Canvas and leather; The extra large shuttle hook and bobbin capacity reduces the number of bobbin changes and offer high efficiency even sewing with extra thick thread up to size V207 (including sizes V92,V138 etc); The basic mechanics (Shuttle hook, adjustments and times) is the same with Adler 166 and Adler 266, therefore it is easier for the manufacturers who already worked with Adler zig-zag sails sewing machines; This zigzag sewing machine can be custom built to a heavy duty bar tacking machine for rope works.

Application: decorative and functional stitching in the production of sails, parachutes, trampolines, carpets, isolation blanket, braided rugs, shoes, footwear, sofas, upholstered furniture, quilting, cushions, webbing slings, safety belts, harness, saddles, tents and awnings. Ropes and cordage for Arborist climbing ropes, Climbing & Caving Ropes, Boating & Marine Ropes, Rescue Ropes and rigging operations.


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Max. Speed

Presser lift

Stitch length

Zigzag width

Needle Syetem

Working area


800 rpm




794 # 140-250


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