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7204 Heavy duty triple feed lockstitch sewing machine

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7204 Heavy duty triple feed lockstitch sewing machine with large Barrel shuttle for extremely heavy materials and thick thread

Features: The 7204 class sewing machine with large Barrel shuttle has been specially designed for processing the extreme thick thread, including 1500Dx3 high tenacity polyester yarn for lifting slings and Amann Serabraid braided thread 1400 / T60 for coarse decorative seams, particularly suited for hand crafted upholstery, shoes, leather goods, car seats and steering wheel covers; Excellent climbing properties and high needle penetration power guarantee easy sewing thick spots or overlapping cross seams, without skipped stitch, loose bottom thread,shorten stitch length and bobbin thread Knots; Up to 14 mm long stitches for decorative topstitching seams;The 7204 is interchangeable with Durkopp Adler 204-370, so it is easy to operate and maintain for the manufacturers have Adler 204 class.

Applications: leather sofas, upholstered furniture, safety harness, saddles, sails, car seat covers, parachutes, tents, tarps, Kevlar belts, covers, awnings, automotive upholstery, marine upholstery, buffing wheels, Nylon or Polyester lifting slings, spanzet, cargo lashing straps (Ratchet Tie Down), safety belts, military belts, industrial webbing, industrial safety products.

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Max. Speed

Presser lift

Stitch length


Working area


800 rpm



DYx3 #26


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